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Texas Hold’em Poker


Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game in the land based casinos as well as online. The exciting nature of Texas Hold’em has attracted millions of people around the globe to the poker tables. Texas Hold’em seems to be an easy game if you are watching tournaments on the television, but in reality it can confuse you if you are unable to understand the basics in a proper way. Many online Texas Hold’em poker rooms allow new players to learn the fundamentals and get some playing experience at the same time in freerolls and play money games. As a beginner it is always best to start at low limit games and then move to higher limits when the profits start flowing to the poker account.

How to play Texas Hold’em poker and become a master can be a tricky question to answer. Well, Texas Hold’em poker rules are easy to understand and you can master them with little bit of effort and practice. To start with, a typical Texas Hold’em poker table includes 9-10 players. When a new game starts a single card is dealt to each player. The player with highest card will begin the game on the dealer button that will keep on moving in a clockwise direction from player to player after each hand.

The two players to the left of the dealer button will post blind bets before any cards are dealt. The first player on the left of the dealer button pays the small blind and the next player to his left posts the big blind. Do not get confused with big blinds and small blinds and always remember that small blinds are half the big blinds.

Now the dealer begins the Texas Hold’em poker game by dealing two cards face down to each player. The two cards are known as hole cards. Then the betting process will start from the player seated on left of the big blind. He can fold, call or raise the bet depending on his cards. The process of betting will continue until each and every player has folded, called or raised. The first round of Texas Hold’em poker is followed by the Flop when three cards are dealt across the middle of the table and turned face up. All players are allowed to share the cards and use them with their hole cards in order to make the best possible hand.

The Flop betting round in Texas Hold’em is followed by the Turn when the dealer turns a fourth card face up in the middle of the table. The first active player on left of the dealer button will start the betting. The betting round is followed by the River when the dealer turns a fifth and last card face up. This is the final betting round in Texas Hold’em poker and now is the time to determine the winner. The Texas Hold’em player with the highest hand will take the pot.

All this sounds very easy when you are reading it. Texas Hold’em poker is indeed never easy to master; hence do not straight away attempt to walk into a casino with lot of expectations. Practice the game first thoroughly in freerolls and play money games before you sit to the real money Texas Hold’em poker tables.