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Beetle Frenzy

Fun With Free Beetle Frenzy No Download Slots

Beetle Frenzy free no download slots game is a combination of creepy crawlers with additional bells and whistles which generates an entirely exceptional and thrilling slot experience! Beetle Frenzy is based on bugs and flower theme and the symbols on the reels include Black Bug, Mushroom, Apple, Blue Bug, Green Bug, Red Bug, Blue Flower, Yellow Bug, Red Flower and Yellow Flower. Beetle Frenzy Slots give the highest jackpot of 500 coins and the upper limit for a bet is 25.

Play Beetle Frenzy Free No Download Slots

Beetle Frenzy free no download slots is a 9 reel 5 pay line multiple coin slot with Lucky Spin and 2 profitable bonus games…Bug Collector and Flower Frenzy. They both allow you to win awesome bonus spins on each game.

When you want to redeem with the Flower Frenzy feature, just make use of the ’spin’ button, which will stop the wheels and press the ’spin’ button once more to stop the moving tile selector. You win if the symbol on the tile matches with any of the symbols on the reel.

Bug Collector bonus augments your chances of winning big money by letting you choose glass jars to disclose mystery wins. You can check the possible prize money for each arrangement of symbols on the paytable. Every payout is made in coins and to change coins into credits simply multiply the number of coins by the denomination of the coin.

Beetle Frenzy free no download slots game is an invigorating and simple no download slots game to play for free!

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